With “Cheloterapia” (Cellotherapy), Octavio invites you to a travel through the violoncello sounds. Full of conscious music, “Cheloterapia” connects with your heart and inner presence. Listen a sample here.

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“Piano en el Cielo” (Piano in the Sky) is the first CD album of Octavio Santos. It’s full of conscious music inside. With Piano en el Cielo, Octavio gives you ten songs, all played in Piano Solo format.

The music that you will find here, is relative to your heart, presence and unconditional love. Enjoy. You can listen a sample here.

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This album is a tribute to the musical styles that I like; Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin Jazz and Flamenco. It has two prestigious collaborations: Antonio Gómez ( and Francis Hernandez Thanks!

Composed and produced by Octavio Santos (piano, cello, voices and programming)
Antonio Gómez: Guitar track 3
Francis Hernandez: Guitar track 7

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This album is created for infants and adults. Their power resides in the inner peace. Enjoy sweet melodies and soft musical backgrounds with this album.

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